Next 7 days me and my sister will be travelling in Langtang, a national park that is part of the Himalayan mountainrange. Though this time of year is not the best to make a trekking (it is monsoon season with lots of rain), Langtang is supposed to be doable in this time of year. Here is our schedule for the next 7 days:

Trekkingday 1: Syabru (2118 m) to Changtang (2385 m)

Distance: 12 kilometers

Trekkingtime: 4,5 hours

Height gain: 774 meter

Height loss: 527 meter

Trekkingday 2: Changtang (2385 m) to Langtang Village (3500 m)

Distance: 10 kilometers

Trekkingtime: 4,5 hours

Height gain: 1135 meter

Trekkingday 3: Langtang Village (3500 m) to Kyangjin Gompa (3749 m)

Distance: 9 kilometers

Trekkingtime: 3 hours

Height gain: 249 meter

Trekkingday 4: Kyangjin Gompa (3749 m) to Tsergo ri (4985 m)

Distance: 20 kilometers

Trekkingtime: 11 hours

Height gain: 1236 meter

Trekkingday 5: Kyangjin Gompa (3749 m) to Langtang Village (3500 m)

Distance: 9 kilometers

Trekkingtime: 2,5 hours

Height loss: 249 meter

Trekkingday 6: Langtang Village (3500 m) to Changtang (2385 m)

Distance: 10 kilometers

Trekkingtime: 3 hours

Height loss: 1135 meter

Trekkingday 7: Changtang (2385 m) to Syabru (2118 m)

Distance: 12 kilometers

Trekkingtime: 4,5 hours

Height loss: 774 meter

Height gain: 527 meter

Today we started at Sybru Besi after recovering from the nerve wrecking trip yesterday. The weather is good, no rain and clowdy, perfect for a big hike.

On our way to Lama Hotel we travel parralel to a very wild river, with a definitely fatal ending when you slip and fall into it. To give you an impression, the river is even to dangerous to raft on. We cross several shaking bridges to reach Lama Hotel, exciting to take. The green woods we see on our way up are very beautiful and full of life. It was really worth coming here.

Just before we reach Lama hotel, we see big bee-nests hanging on a big rocky slope, maybe 100 meters above ground. I saw them once on discovery channel when local people with ropes tried to get honey out of them and our guide explains that this also happens here sometimes. It is really unbelievable how animals can build something like that.

When we reach Lama Hotel Fenna is very happy. Walking is not her strongest side and she repetedly asked our guide how long we had to go. Poor girl, tomorrow might be even worse than today, climbing another 1000 meter. And at Lama Hotel there is even no internet for her. At least I can enjoy my pancake with (what might be local) honey.

3 Thoughts on “Day 3: Syabru Besi to Lama Hotel

  1. lia on 04/08/2010 at 10:49 said:

    Hoi Sander,

    Ben blij dat jullie weer veilig terug zijn in Kathmandu. Wel een aardig avontuur dacht ik zo om toe te voegen aan je lijstje!


  2. Leo on 04/08/2010 at 10:57 said:

    Hi Fenna and Sander,
    I’m very glad (and proud of you) that you made the right decisions in hazardous circumstances and both returned safe and sound in basecamp Kathmandu. The way your mountainexpedition proceeded undoubtedly became a lifetime remembrance adventure and that’s good! I’m looking out for your stories and photographs on this tour. Have some further worthwhile experiences on your trip through northern India together with Nieneke!
    With my love,

  3. Rob en Hanneke on 04/08/2010 at 22:25 said:

    Hoi Sander en Fenna

    Ben net bij Lia geweest en heb jullie verhaal gehoord. Spannend hoor!! Wat zullen jullie blij zijn weer ‘geland’ te zijn in Kathmandu. Wij zijn heel blij met de goede afloop.
    Op naar fijnere tijden, veel plezier samen, liefs,
    Rob en Hanneke

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