Today the weather is also fine when we wake up. It seems we are very lucky this week. Following the river we cross several waterfalls and walk through sometimes dense woods. Luckily for Fenna today is less hard than yesterday, there we have less differences in height during the climb. Nature is beautiful here, especially this time of year when there is a lot of water everywhere. And because it is low season there are allmost no tourist here, what contributes to the special natural feeling. On our way we also visit some tea-houses where we have lunch and meet local people. They are all very kind and prepare very tastful food for us.
Langtang village is little better equipped than Lama Hotel. At least there is power here and the possibility to land a helicopter. Also there are more houses, where we see inhabitants dry their weeds. In combination with the wellknown Nepalese flags this completes the picture.

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