The climb to the last hotel is already there. Today we just climb about 300 meters to 3800 meter height, so a perfect day to take it easy and acclimatize a bit. As we walk to Kyanjin the valley opens itself and transforms from a v-shape to a u-shape, a result of the glacier that was here long time ago (so I read). At this point the woods make place for a more grassy environment.
On our way we rest in what looks like a glass teahouse. A woman is drying garlic inside, so we smell like it when we come out one hour later. We had some good Dal Bat (it is really a mistery how they prepare this tasteful food under this difficult conditions), a traditional dish containing rice, dal (a kind of souce/soup) and curry (potatoes with beans in a spicy sauce).
In the afternoon it starts raining and we use the ponchos I bought in Holland. At some points we walk in the clowds, what makes me feel getting higher. The fog adds a mysterious ingredient to our day. Sometimes we get a glimpse of the snowy peaks, a sign of reaching our (or at least my) target.
Kyangin is bigger than we thought it would be. There are many houses, a monastary and a little Yakcheese factory. After storing our luggage in our room we visit the Factory and have a taste of the Yakcheese. It is not very tasteful or spicy but it is a real local and natural product so eating it makes you feel like a real local.
We are at 3800 meter now, our final stop. Tomorrow I will try to climb higher. Fenna is staying home, because she likes one day off and she doesn’t feel like climbing anymore. So I will go on and try to reach some peak with our guide, Prakash.

2 Thoughts on “Day 5: Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa

  1. Leo on 05/08/2010 at 08:34 said:

    Exciting story … makes me curious about the proceedings on this raw expedition …!

  2. Thomas on 05/08/2010 at 12:36 said:

    Reading your blog I see images of serene and mystical beauty blending in with everyday life. I hope it is actually as beautiful over there as your stories make me imagine it.

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