The idea was to walk back to Lama Hotel today, but since I still have a bad headache we try to contact our travelagent Nilam to discuss our options. After a few hours my headache gets worse and I really want to be back in Kathmandu. I’m in bed whole day and sometimes it seems that my head is just exploding. Besides I’m not hungry and I didn’t eat anything for hours, just drinking water and soup because the guide insists on it. My caring sister calls several times to Kathmandu and Holland and after a while it is clear that we go back to Kathmandu as soon as possible by rescue helicopter, since my symptoms point out that I might have altitude sickness and I am really not able to walk for 3 days down again. Unfortunately it is too clowdy to land a helicopter in the valley safely after 13.00, so we have to wait to the next morning. Another night with a heavy headache has begun.

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