Today we leave to Jaipur, about 6 hours by train and we leave at 06.15. In the beginning it was tough to get up this early, but in some way I got used to it now. Ofcourse we are already in bed at 22.00 in the evening (mostly) and that helps a lot.
When we arrive at the main trainstation of Agra, it soon becomes clear that our train is delayed for 2 hours. A very bad thing, there we don’t like to stay on the disgusting platform for too long. Luckily we find a pretty good waitingroom with ventilation and seats, made for waiting first class pessengers. Although we are not travelling first class, we rudely take a seat, and no one complains. Sometimes I go out the waitingroom to stretch my legs and take a look at the station. Unbelievable scenery here: shit and pee everywhere on the track (also the smell!), jumping monkeys in the roofconstructions, sleeping bumps, skinny people, salesmen with fat things that should be eatable, etc. I’m glad to be in the train at 08.30.
Succesfully we have arrived in Jaipur by 15.00. The Evergreen lodge is our place to stay the next days for only 350 rupee per room per night (about 5,60 euro so 1,87 euro pp). Very cheap and the rooms are not much worse than those in Agra. Ofcourse the room is not very clean, but as long as we have good beds and a bathroom with shower, we don’t complain.
The rest of the day we are not very active, Fenna and Nieneke go shopping for half an hour and I stay “home” to lay on my bed, since I have a stomachache. The sickness started this morning, after eating the pancakes our hotel in Agra made for us. Maybe there was something wrong with them because it really feels like I ate something wrong. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

2 Thoughts on “Day 25: Training to Jaipur

  1. Willemien Schippers on 21/08/2010 at 16:27 said:

    wat een ervaringen toch allemaal!
    “Grandfather” was toch nog aardig slim om het allemaal zo aan te pakken en jullie zaten er uiteindelijk mee. Gelukkig maar dat jullie niet voor
    één gaat te vangen zijn en och óók dit was weer een ervaring.
    Jullie zien wel ontzettend vee op deze maniermaar in die nachttrein zou ik me toch niet erg happy gevoeld hebben. Nou maak er de laatste dagen nog iets van en tot ziens.
    Groetjes Willemien.

  2. Rob en Hanneke on 21/08/2010 at 18:16 said:

    Mooie verhalen weer Sander!!!
    Op dag 21 voor de 1e keer een vakantie-gevoel hebben! Ik hoor het je zeggen en moest even lachen. Ik hoop dat je het niet erg vindt; ik vermoed, weet bijna zeker, dat je daarnaast beseft dat die andere dagen je zoveel mooi’s en waardevols gegeven hebben.
    Wat betreft de onderhandelings-perikelen: wat zal je Nederland weer waarderen na thuiskomst, of misschien nu al.
    Héle fijne dagen nog voor jullie gedrie-en, met nog heel wat ‘vakantiegevoel’!

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