While flying 35000 feet above Russia I write this last post. In about 150 minutes I will land in Amsterdam where I will be welcomed by at least; Lia, Leo, Fenna (who arrived one hour earlier with her flight from Delhi) and Jos. At this point my holiday has almost come to an end and I can look back on a great but especially a very educative past 30 days. This summer I saw a world that is completely different than the one I am used to, with poor people and chaotic life but also beautiful nature, culture and important religion. And though ofcourse I already knew that this world was out there, experiencing it is a complete other thing. I think everyone should experience it once in his lifetime, it made me respect the way I live much more and it makes me proud of how things are arranged in my world. It changed my view on the world in a way that I think I see things much wider and more relative now. I feel very lucky the way my life is here and the fact that I have the opportunity to live in the Netherlands and Europe. Maybe most Indian people also love the way they live and wouldn’t even want to change their life with mine, but I am very glad to be dutch, that is one of the things I learned past month.
I can write a lot more of all the things that go around in my mind right now, but I’m not sure it will be that interesting, so maybe I will stop writing now and save those things for any future extra blog or something. Maybe one final conclusions for the future:

– I like Nepal as a country, with its culture, nature and religion. I really think about going back there to make a trekking sometime in the future (the nature is beautiful overthere), but then maybe in a better season.
– India (the touristic north) really impressed me, but I will never go back there if not necessairy.
– I am very curious about Rajasthan, Darjeeling, Ladakh and the southern part of India.

So after this small philosophical talk I just want to thank all the people that left a comment on my posts last past four weeks. I really appreciate the effort of reading my sometimes very long stories.

Next journey will bring me to the USA, where I will probably visit NASA and a variety of national parks, together with my father. Those who are interested can also follow that trip on this website from the 13th of september.

3 Thoughts on “Day 31: Home sweet home!

  1. Rob en Hanneke on 29/08/2010 at 20:54 said:

    Hoi Sander
    Weer thuis na zeker wel 4 hele bijzondere, geweldige en verrijkende weken. En ook nog ongeschonden, tenminste…… dat vermoed ik op te maken uit je laatste verhalen. Ik bewonder je Sander om hoe jij alles beleeft! Het voor lief nemen van de niet zo prettige manier van omgaan van de Indiërs[Dehli-naren?] door te kunnen voorstellen hoe dat zo gekomen is. Beseffen dat we dankbaar mogen zijn in Nederland te leven! Mooi hoor!
    Het heeft me alles behalve moeite gekost je verhalen te lezen. Ik vond het fijn je zo te mogen volgen, heb erg genoten van het lezen van je mooi beschreven belevenissen. Dank dus!
    We hopen je gauw in levend lijve te ontmoeten en zullen dan aan je lippen hangen.
    Veel liefs,

  2. Hey Sander,

    It’s so nice to read your blog about your visit to Nepal. I know many people who changed their way of thinking and the way of their living standards after visiting my country. And, after reading your post i felt the same that you also learned something from your trip. Enjoy your next trip and hope to see you in 2011 🙂

  3. What a stories…I cannot even remotly imagine what it must be like to travel around there. I had to think about Slumdog Millionaire when you talked about the train journey. Your stories prove again that you really must see and experience it with your own eyes…
    Glad to see that your back home, later today I will make some plans for our three weeks in NZ and email them to you. Enjoyed reading your blog, keep them coming 😉 Enjoy the USofA!

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