Goodmorning Holland! As promised this post is updated from the USA, Denver Colorado. Local time here is dutch time minus 8 hours. You can imagine how we feel after departing from Sint Michielsgestel at 07.30 (local time) and arriving in Denver at 20.30 (local time). For the bad calculators in our middle: our trip lasted an amazing 21 hours, and we still have to pick up our rental car and find our way to the hotel.
Actually we expected to land in Denver at 18.15 o’clock, but our transferplane got delayed for an astonishing 2 hours. But we are alife and fine here so now our journey can begin!
About the flight itself; everything went smooth, except for a few normal turbulence periods. From Amsterdam to Washington we had 2 seats in the middle of the central aisle, what was not very good since we constantly had to ask if we could go out for the toilet and didn’t see anything through any window. The flight from Washington to Denver we were more lucky. We had two nice places (with one windowseat) and could even see Chicago and Lake Michigan during our flight. Very unreal to see that amazing city from 11000 meter in the air with the knowledge I was down there about one year ago.
So now we will look for our rentalcar and drive to the Best Inn and Suites Denver, where they will hopefully still remember our booking of 2 weeks ago.

One Thought on “Day 1: Flying to Denver

  1. lia on 15/09/2010 at 08:37 said:

    Hoi Sander en Leo,

    Fijn te lezen dat jullie goed aangekomen zijn! Ga er van uit dat de camera zonder problemen mee kon in de extra tas? Nou maak er iets moois van en ik volg jullie op de voet in de reisverslagen.


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