Our first day in the USA starts with a pretty serious roadtrip of 600 km. Since we are both already awake at 07.00 we decide to leave early. After a small continental breakfast (some toast with jam and a glass of cold milk) we start our engines at 07.45. The scenery during our trip is mostly beautiful; near Denver we started with a wide view finished with a big mountainrange in the far distance, but dirng our trip this environment changes to slightly hilled wheatland with sometimes beautiful rockformations. Along the way we almost hit a few branches of tumbleweed, twirling across the mainroad. It really feels like your in an old cowboymovie when that happens.

After about 5 hours driving we arrive at our first destination of today; Windcave National park. Here we have a guided tour through a deep and very big underground cave with a discovered length of 134 miles (approximately 5 to 10 % of what is really out there). It is amazing to see the many hallways and chambers that are created here by nature. Unfortunately we only get to see a very small part of the caves as the are discovered now, but it gives a very good impression of what must be out there. Geologists are still discovering new parts of the cave, making 4 day long expeditions (it takes them an astonishing 8 hours to even reach the point from where they start discovering).

We continue our tour to Mount Rushmore, the wellknown rocksculpture of the 4 presidents. In real the sculptures are impressive, the 20 meter tall heads look really like the persons they must present. We make a few of Americas most famous pictures alongside the road (parking here costs 10 dollar, crazy!) and continue our way to the hotel 3 km further. From the balcony that comes with our room we can see Mount Rushmore far uphill. Lighted at night it creates a very special sight.

2 Thoughts on “Day 2: Tumbleweed, caves and faces

  1. maaike on 15/09/2010 at 22:49 said:

    Hoi Leo en Sander,

    Ik begrijp dat ze in het hotel op jullie komst gerekend hebben en dat er een kamer beschikbaar was. Heb even op de website naar het hotel gekeken, het ziet er wel goed uit.
    Jullie tocht van vandaag klinkt mooi en redelijk relaxed, ondanks de grote afstand die jullie hebben afgelegd. Ik ben benieuwd naar jullie dure foto’s van Mount Rushmore!

    Groetjes, Maaike

  2. Fenna on 18/09/2010 at 13:24 said:

    Hey guys!

    Sounds like a good trip, Rushmore should be very impressive I think! Enjoy!!



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