These two days we get to know the most beautiful places in Yellowstone Park. This park is located on top of a so called “hot spot”, a place where the earthcrust is much thinner than elsewhere on our planet. Because of that many underground substances (like stone/rock and water) are heated by the higher temperatures from below, what causes different spectacular phenomenons such as geysers and hot springs on the earths surface. Those spectacular phenomenons are what we experienced the last two days, with much sun and no rain at all. I can say we were really surprised by what we saw nature doing here (hopefully the pictures on the site support this). To sum up our experiences (or at least try to): we saw many hot springs, most of them with a combination of very beautiful colors, like clear blue, dark blue, orange and yellow, we saw many geysers erupting, for the insiders: Old Faithful (ofcourse) and the Great Fountain (even twice, we were very lucky because it only erupts once a 10 to 14 hours and you never know exactly when) and we saw other strange things like a mudpot, steamholes and terraces formed by calcite. And besides all this beautyful geothermal pleasure, there was a whole lot of amazing nature, containing wild waterfalls (up to 94 meter high!), tasteful autumncolored greenery (in that way this time of year is really perfect to visit the USA) and very different rockformations. I think I saw many natural environments in my life, but never so different and beautiful as I saw these two days here in Yellowstone park.

About the wildlife here (the animals); We spotted many bisons, elk, deer, squirrels, birds and last but not least bears! We got so lucky that we even saw both species of bears that live here, both the Black bear and the Grizzly bear. Ofcourse we saw both on a very respectable distance (the closest was the black bear with about 30 meters), but that didn’t make it less impressive to see something that wild walking around just in front of you.

On our last day we saw a big fire in the north of the park near Tower Roosevelt. Although it was a “controlled fire” it looked quite heavy and the helicopters kept flying with water to extinguish the flames. What an operation to manage these kind of natural disasters in a proper way.

After two days of very intensive sightseeing (getting up at 06.00 every day and being back in the motel at 19.00) we even didn’t see everything we wanted. And if we did, that would just have been 2% of the whole park! I think next time we have to spend at least 3 weeks here…

5 Thoughts on “Day 5 & 6: Yellowstone National Park

  1. Rob & Hanneke on 20/09/2010 at 16:02 said:

    Wat geweldig om jullie verhalen te lezen en de mooie foto’s te bekijken
    (wordt weer een avondje bij de bakkertjes langs )
    Hebben wij vorig jaar toch nog wat gemist bij onze rondreis in amerika
    (nou ja dan maar weer een keertje terug)

    Ga zo door

  2. Fenna on 20/09/2010 at 18:03 said:

    Ok.. after this message I am even more jealous.. 😉
    Oh, I would love to see those bears, although I would also be very afraid from 30 m distance.. how amazing.. how big/tall are they?

    Take good care guys, oh and eh.. I will volunteer for a future return when needed 🙂

  3. maaike on 20/09/2010 at 18:05 said:

    Hoi Leo en Sander,

    Wat een prachtige foto’s; sommige zijn net ansichtkaarten!
    Wat een wisselend landschap, en wat een bijzondere natuurverschijnselen.
    Ik heb even naar de Subway gekeken; nou, de broodjes (nou ja, broodjes, een halve meter dikbelegd brood is toch een flinke kluif) die ze daar hebben zien er inderdaad heerlijk uit. Op mijn zoektocht ontdekt dat er hier vlakbij ook een Subway zit, gewoon op de Stationsweg!
    Dat ik daar nou via Amerika achter moet komen….
    Leuk dat jullie de naam van het motel erbij noemen; even googelen en ik kan zo bij jullie in de slaapkamer kijken!
    Geniet nog maar van al het moois en lekkers dat jullie tegenkomen; wij blijven jullie volgen!

    Groetjes, Puck en Maaike

  4. Arata on 21/09/2010 at 02:45 said:

    Hey Sander, great trip…again! Love the photos where there’s almost no people are to be seen. I’d love to be in the middle of nature right now. And hotsprings! How hot is the water? You didn’t think about hopping in?
    So jealous man, can’t look anymo! Enjoy the rest of the trip and till soon!


  5. Jeroen on 23/09/2010 at 08:13 said:

    Heej Sander,

    Wat een mooie foto’s, echt indrukwekkend. Zoveel verschillende landschappen in hetzelfde park.

    Groeten Jeroen

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