The drive to Salt Lake City (SLC) of today will take approximately 8 hours. We tried to leave early but eventually start driving as “late” as 08.30. On our way to SLC we drive through both Yellowstone National park, Grand Teton National park and Bridger National Forest, all mountainareas with stunning views. You might understand that the 8 hour drive soon became 11 hours, because of all the beautiful things we saw along the road. We even left Yellowstone at 12.10 pm because we wanted to see the Great Fountain geyser and the Old Faithful geyser once again.

On our way through Grand Teton we saw a big fire in the mountains like we saw in Yellowstone. It seems that this time of year those forestfires are very common since the trees and other vegetation are very dry. Luckily our route isn’t passing the fires and we can proceed to SLC safe and without any delay. Just before reaching SLC we pass by Bear Lake and the famous Great Salt Lake, both enormous lakes that make you feel very little.

We arrive in SLC at 20.30 and for the first time we have to look for a hotel because we didn’t make an internetreservation anywhere. Soon we find the Rodeway Inn, a hotel very close to the city center, where we decide to stay that night. After a hot-dog at the nearest gasstation our beds feel surprisingly soft.

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