Well, after a little radiosilence here a brand new post from above the atlantic ocean, just between the USA and Europe. The past 4 days were the last of our USA 2010 trip and I didn’t want to spend them sitting behind my laptop. So I will tell you about our time in Moab now, before I’m back in Holland where I will probably be back in my old busy schedule very soon.

Our two days in Moab were very relaxed, we visited two natural parks: Canyonlands National Park (first day) and Arches National Park (yes, the second day). Canyonlands National Park consists of many red colored cliffs with strong linepatterns, forming a place of much geological interest. At some point there is even a huge circular canyon of what some believe is an old meteorite crater. We try to walk a loop around it (there is a trail making a full loop), but after 90 minutes walking we encounter a problem. We meet two people who are walking the other way and they tell us that they walked for 4 hours to get to this point. And since it is already 2 o’clock pm, it is like 35 degrees celcius and we have not more water than 2 little bottles, we decide to turn around and walk back to the car. The way back is uphill, so when we arrive at our car around 16.30 we are relieved and get back to our hotel for a good rest.

That the hotel is expensive can not only be noticed by having four pillows instead of two but also in the extra facilities we have. there is a large, heated, indoor swimmingpool (like 7 by 10 meter) with jacuzzi and fitnessroom, totally abandonned every day. I gracefully take a dive in the evening and try to work on my six pack (something that doesn’t really match with my eatpattern here… ;-)).

On day two we visit Arches National Park, with one of the most special rockformations we have seen so far. Here the canyon is transformed into a land of huge seperate sculptures and arches of almost orange stones. Most of the lower and softer layers are watered away by the ages, leaving sometimes unbelievable balancing rocks. This park contains a few hundred natural arches of which the biggest spands more than 300 feet! This large arch (Landscape Arch) is so thin that you think it can come down any minute (and it eventually will), but the last time rocks fell off partly was in 1991.

We walk several trails and before we know it it’s five o’clock. Although we are defenitely hungry we visit the Delicate arch (a 45 minute walk uphill) which is best seen bu sunset. At the arch it seems we are not the only ones, encountering at least a hundred men, waiting for the sunset and ready to make the photo of their lives. Two hours later we are back in the car with some really nice pictures on our memory cards.

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