Well, this is it! Our trip has almost come to an end. That’s my overall feeling driving to Denver, the place where we started about two weeks ago. The last big drive in our rental car should take about 6 hours on the highway I-70, but we decide to take a more scenic tour. This tour brings us through Aspen, a very famous place for skiing America, and along viewpoints like we could have in the Alps. The highest altitude we reach there is even 12094 feet (about 4000 meter) making it the highest place we visited this holiday (and the highest place ever for Leo). The ride is very beautiful with the fall-colored trees and we stop several times to enjoy the environment.

The scenic tour should extend our drive today with just 90 minutes, but before we arrive in Denver it is almost 21.00 pm (there was also a big traffic jam that didn’t help us). We didn’t arrange a hotel here in Denver yet so we have to find one at night. After a long search we end up in an Econolodge, right in the center of Denver. The place is simple, the breakfast very minimal, but we have two beds and a bathroom, that’s all that counts. Maybe we have to adapt a little after our stay in Moab… Now let’s see what our last day in Denver will bring!

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