To try some non-touristical activities today we start with a nice game of golf on a real American golfcourse. Ofcourse this is not my first time golfing, even in the USA I did it once before, but for my dad it is and he is having kind of a hard time. We started with some practising in a net and some putting afterwards, but it is hard to learn all the inns and outs of the technique in 30 minutes. Also for me it is a long time ago I was on a fairway, so together we try to pitch our way to the greens. It is fun to do, though sometimes frustrating, but the reward after 2 hours of golf (we played only 9 holes) is a nice and cold beer. What a life!

After our exercise we visit the grave of Buffalo Bill (not much more than a stone on a mountain, but there are nice hads in the souvenir shop) and wash our car at the nearest carwash. You should have seen our Chevrolet Cobalt shining, as he never did before (I’m sure). Back in our hotelroom we notice we missed some really nice touristical things today in Denver (of which one is the fourth largest Nature and Science Museum of the USA with the best digital planetarium of the nation…. too bad! :(). We visit it at sunset to make up our loss a little and find a really nice park with nightview on the city. Here we make some really nice pictures of Denver to conclude our Stay in the USA.

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