Well, a new day, time to leave bad yesterday behind! I will keep this blog short by telling the story of the day by photographs. In the photoalbum you can find all the photos I made, a little rough but I have no time for looking through hundreds of photos. Here a few photos of what I did today:

The mausoleum of Mao Zedong, where I saw his balmed body

Me at the Tian’an Men square, in front of the forbidden city

The entry to the forbidden city

Inside the forbidden city (a little dark unfortunately)

One of the many beautiful ornaments I saw inside the forbidden city

Nice pavilion in the backyard of the forbidden city

Panorama of the forbidden city

Theatre of the Performing Arts Beijing, futuristic architecture

Temple of heaven

Gate in the garden surrounding the Temple of Heaven

St. Joseph church in the Wangfujingstreet, a big shoppingstreet

A nice healthy snack, for whoever is hungry…

Crazy animalfood! And most of them are still alive!

Tomorrow I will visit the Great Wall, so I will get up early! Hopefully the weather is fine…

6 Thoughts on “A new day

  1. jolanda on 07/11/2010 at 19:05 said:

    heej vriendje
    wat een mooie foto`s
    maar die stokjes ga je toch nie eten of…………
    xxxx jolanda

  2. Leo on 08/11/2010 at 00:51 said:

    Wonderful pictures, Sander, nice impression of the variety of things and sights that Beijing has to offer to the eye. Funny that besides your impressive images of all kinds of peculiar buildings, streetviews and statues you have both an eye for great skylines as for remarkable tiny details (as all kind of probably consumable reptiles and insects in different states of preparation). Wonder what the shell-like thing in your hand can be (seems to be a small Saint Jacob’s shell, but never seen it that yellow in nature).

  3. Whoa!!! Great pictures!! are you professional? haha. Believe me, very nice pictures. Enjoy the Great Wall and don´t buy anything. Try to go by yourself, I´m sure you will save money, but I know is complicate in one place nobody speak english. Whatever enjoy the day. I will expect your next pictures.

    Take care ,o)


  4. Leo on 08/11/2010 at 09:08 said:

    Where I earlier wrote reptiles (at a closer glance couldn’t clearly perceive one in your pictures) must be read ‘seafruits and frogs’. Especially your image of the crate with the so sadly captured community of frogs, a crowd of individuals in a seemingly depressed state of mind (what else could one espect?!), does in a way remind me of the situation of many human beings in their environment. Your situation now is quite different from that, enjoy it! (and keep it that way!)

  5. Leo on 08/11/2010 at 09:09 said:


  6. @Leo:

    Good metaphor about the frogs and the human beings, you might be right about that! About the shell-like yellow thing: that is a leave I found. It remembered me of a Chinese pallet (?! – is dat het juiste engelse woord voor een Chinese waaier?). Maybe the ancient Chinese people inspired their on nature more than known so far…

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