Well, I made it back safe to Shanghai again and already visited some nice culture here. In my final days in Beijing I went to the zoo and aquarium, to see some Chinese “wildlife”. Especially the panda’s I saw and the bengal tigers were in some way nice to see. The aquarium was beautiful and the biggest I have ever seen, there were even underwater escalators to guide the people around and a show with jumping dolphins.

One of the panda’s

Big white fish…

The dolphin show (a bit unsharp unfotunately)

Coloured jellyfish, really impressive!

Horizontal escalator underneath the coral-reef

Back in Shanghai I visited Suzhou, a “small” town 60 kilometres away. There are several beautiful Chinese gardens over there so I had a very relaxed day. The train that brought me was like the bullettrain I took in Japan, travelling at amazing speeds. I can say that the public traffic here in China is really worth every penny, it is all so well organised. Later on, when I have time, I will give a detailed  story about the traintrip to Suzhou, it is really worth telling you that experience.

So today I will have my final day in Shanghai, where I will meet Eva and an Italian guy she met by the internet. Tonight around 20.20 my plane to Sydney will depart, so I think next message will be from Australia!

4 Thoughts on “Last days in China

  1. Leo on 12/11/2010 at 12:32 said:

    Australian summer … here Sander comes!!
    Have a nice flight, son!

  2. Nieneke on 12/11/2010 at 19:37 said:

    Hi Sander,

    what a nice picture from the jellyfish! I think you had a great time in China, except from the experience with that girls, but you also learn from that.
    Yesterday, back in very rainy Holland, we had the next pubquiz. Fenna joined us (that is Winie, Jeroen and myself) and she really liked it. We had a very good game and came in third! Jihhaaah!! We even had a better score than Victory Boogie Woogie. Next time we’re going for first place!

    And for you now: off to Australia!

  3. Nice pictures, like always!!

    Hugs from Singapur. Perhaps, something happend, my new boss call me and I need to stop my trip because I will star to work in December. I´m going tomorrow to Malaysia and I will come back to Spain in December 5…..shit!

    Enjoy your trip!! I will continued reading you from Spain!!


  4. Ineke on 19/11/2010 at 23:39 said:

    Hoi Sander,

    Wat een geweldige reis weer! China was heel indrukwekkend en bijzonder. En nu Australië. Die vogel lijkt wel een soort ibis.
    Prachtige foto´s. Je doet vast veel inspiratie op voor je bouwkundige toekomst.
    Geniet maar, werken kan altijd nog.
    Veel plezier en veel liefs, Ineke en Jan

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