Hi you all! So, after a few days this time, I will give an update of my experiences in Sydney. Last week I tried to change my busy travel attitude to the laid back attitude the people used to have in this continent. And I can say that I really succeeded! Almost every day there are parties here and because of the big amount of days I will spend in Sydney, I am not really in a hurry to see all the tourist highlights. I relaxed in the park, at the beach and in the city centre near the harbour, I dove in the harbour near the Opera-house at 03.00 am (yea, of course after a few expensive beers) and I slept many times without preparing any alarm. No worries!

To share some of the experiences with you, here are some of the things I saw last days:

One of the amazing blue/purple trees in one of the streets

Typical housing, reminding me a little of San Fransisco

Strange bird I saw on my way to the Newtown festival

No worries at the Newtown festival, really alternative!

Darling Harbour, the place to be for a tourist

The aquarium with Eva, my Chinese friend who also went to Sydney

A beautiful coral reef creature, hopefully we will meet his family in Cairns soon during one of the dives we will make overthere…

A huge turtle seen from the impressive underwater tubes


Sleepy Koala bear, unbelievable in what position those animals sleep

The coolest Kangaroo in town, chillin in the Zoo

View on Sydney from the observation tower. Exercise: spot the Opera house!

The city centre from the Botanical Garden

Old tree in the Botanical Garden

To conclude some small things to notice:

-Money: the money here is really cool. Some coins are very big and heavy, and one is even shaped like an octagon!

-Prices: Sydney (/Australia) is the most expensive place I ever visited! A beer is like 5 euro and a bottle of water 3 euro, and that is not the price in the pub but in the supermarket!

-Weather: The weather in Sydney is not very well at the moment. Last days it rained several times and there is more to come. Luckily it is still 20 degrees Celsius in daytime, so we will survive!

6 Thoughts on “No worries!

  1. Leo on 18/11/2010 at 00:31 said:

    … and again remarkable good pictures, Sander, one by one wonderful images telling vividly their own story and a real pleasure to admire! Nice skyhigh view on the modern center of Sydney (by the way: if you take the position of the Opera house in respect to Harbor Bridge into account it isn’t to hard to find the solution to the riddle). The old tree is really magnificent and almost a personality in itself! Your photograph of the chillin kangeroo must immediately be nominated to be incorporated in the national flag of Australia!

  2. Thomas on 18/11/2010 at 11:18 said:

    These animals all have an awesomeness, that I, as a simple two-legged primate, can only dream of.
    Enjoy Zeeland!


  3. Uff, like always great pictures. I need to go to Australia!! hehe. Is for your fault!! Now I love more Australia!! And that Festival sounds beatifull!

    This is my favorite picture: “The city centre from the Botanical Garden”

    Enjoy my friend!! Hugs from Lanwaki, (paradise Island), north Malaysia.

  4. Willemien Schippers on 21/11/2010 at 22:37 said:

    Hoi Sander,
    schandalig maar het is niet anders dan dat dit pas mijn eerste berichtje is na je vertrek naar China en Australie.
    Daar ik de link gekregen heb van ons Lia moet ik hem zelf aanklikken en er dus aan denken en jammer genoeg ben ik dat nogal eens vergeten.
    Vandaar! Toch vind ik het allemaal fantastisch om te lezen en de mooie foto’s te bekijken. Groot gelijk dat je je kans genomen hebt om al dit moois te gaan bekijken. Geweldig! Ik vind het wel leuk dat ik nu via jou ook een beetje mee kan genieten en wie weet wat er voor mij nog in het verschiet ligt? ‘n Mens moet toch wensen blijven houden.
    Sander, geniet lekker verder en hou alles om je heen letterlijk en figuurlijk goed in de gaten.
    Groetjes Willemien.
    p.s. Je etentje hou je vanzelf tegoed!

  5. Leo on 21/11/2010 at 23:31 said:

    Sander and Tim, have a good flight and an exciting exploration time on the north and the south island. Especially I am curious about your images of middle earth generated phenomena in the north. Have a nice travel together!

  6. Marij on 27/11/2010 at 15:04 said:

    Hee Sander,
    Ook even een berichtje achter laten zodat je weet dat wij in gedachten “meereizen”! Liever was ik in persoon aanwezig geweest, maar je kunt nu eenmaal niet alles hebben. Misschien kunnen we zelf al het moois nog eens in werkelijkheid gaan bekijken maar dat ligt onder meer aan het enthousiasme waarmee jij het geheel brengt….! …en je bent goed op weg moet ik zeggen. Iig nog heel veel plezier geniet ervan en ben voorzichtig …
    Heel veel groetjes liefs Marij

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