After some really middle-of-nowhere days here finally some sign of life! The southern island is really amazing, but also very abandoned in many places. We have already seen very impressive environments, from huge glaciers to perfect beaches and from dark caves with glowworms to dense jungles. It is just fascinating how many different climates and circumstances you can find here on this relatively small island.

One of the best things we did so far here is sea kayaking, where we spend two days on the water and camped in the Abel Tasman National Park for one night. The jungle here is so original that sometimes you really think there must be a dinosaur around the next corner. But unfortunately (or maybe fortunately…) we didn’t encounter one of those yet.

Now, since there is too little time to write a long text here, I will to try to share some photos taken on the northern island. Anyway I want to thank everyone for the nice comments so far, I really like reading them although for some of you it must feel like repeating over and over maybe… And also all my personal emails (76 by now), I will answer them when I am back in Australia, now there is just no time for those things! 馃槈

First view on New Zealand from the plane

Our rental car where we also sleep in every night, very “impressive” colors not??? :s

Tim and me drinking a nice beer to celebrate our arrival!

The first impressive landscape we saw, where the Hobbits might live…

Thermal Wonderland near Rotorua, small hotspring in the front

Big hotspring聽 in the Thermal Wonderland

Tongariro NP mountains, we climbed the highest one on the picture

Tim on a slope of mount Ngauruhoe, better known as mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The most impressive track we walked so far!

Me sitting in the snow on mount Ngauruhoe

One of the views from the top of mount Ngauruhoe

5 Thoughts on “The southern island

  1. els on 06/12/2010 at 16:26 said:

    Hey Sander.
    Wat heb jij al veel gezien zeg. Wat een prachtige foto’s erbij. Geniet er maar van. Ik zie dat je met korte mouwen in de sneeuw zit. Nou dat hoeven we hierniet te doen. Te koud gewoon.
    Geniet overal nog van. Groetjes, Els.

  2. Willemien Schippers on 08/12/2010 at 10:56 said:

    Hoi Sander,
    even een reactie uit Schijndel. Wat fijn dat je toch elke keer weer de tijd wilt nemen om de thuisblijvers bij te praten.
    Wat is de wereld toch bijzonder in al zijn verscheidenheid. Wat een luxe dat je daar de mogelijkheden voor hebt om van te genieten.
    Ik denk dat je inderdaad maar raar zou kijken als er inderdaad een dino om de hoek zou komen kijken.
    Het is erg leuk om je op je ontdekkingstochten een beetje te volgen en verder zou ik zeggen laat alles mooi over je heen komen en geniet met volle teugen. Oma Foolen zou zeggen: Al het goede en fijne wat je gehad hebt kan niemand je meer afnemen!
    Tot binnenkort, lieve groeten Willemien en Ad.

  3. Leo on 08/12/2010 at 12:39 said:

    It ain’t fair … it just ain’t fair …!!
    What indeed did I do wrong?
    But maybe you teach us a lesson here, son, the lesson to make (take) more time in our lives to actually enjoy exploring the world we were once born in, the planet we’re living on!!
    In the meantime I am really enjoying the witness of your travels and adventures in your tempting narratives and the unremitting beautiful and enticing images! Keep on! (having a good time together!)

  4. Kristina on 08/12/2010 at 18:39 said:

    Wow Wow Wow!!!!!!!! so nice pictures I am dying to see that place in my life. Its really very very nice pictures and place. Please explain me all these places when you back to Holland…

  5. Justin on 10/12/2010 at 17:12 said:

    Goed bezig heren!

    het is zo te zien een mooi tripje 馃榾 Hebben jullie ook al als Frodo verkleed? en dan door die bergen banjeren 馃槈 Daar kunnen nooit genoeg foto’s van worden genomen!

    Geniet ervan en de rest van de foto’s zien we wel bij thuiskomst.


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