So, here we are, back on the northern island, in Napier, a really nice beachtown. The day before yesterday we took the ferry back to the northern island and said goodbye to the southern island. Our time there was amazing and felt much shorter than 3 weeks. To share some of the experiences with you I will try to upload some photos here (some photos are rotated I see, but I have no time to solve that problem right now unfortunately. So just turn your computerscreen! 😉 Also there is no time for corresponding comments with the pictures, so you have to use your imagination with that! I can say the big naked man is inside an art gallery, so you will be less scared hopefully…).

So now we have 5 more days left here in New Zealand before we head back to Sydney, Australia, for 3 more weeks of fun. Since we saw almost everything we wanted here on the northern island, our last days will be very relaxed, enjoying the great weather and drinking a few beers. 🙂 Next post will be from Australia again I think!

Ps: I already kind of miss the Netherlands sometime now I am away for almost 2 months. We really have a great country back home! And christmas here really doesn’t really feel like our nice dutch christmas, though there are many christmas songs on the radio and there are many people shopping here.

I want to wish you all a very nice Christmas and a good and healthy new year! May your next year be full of new experiences!

7 Thoughts on “Last days in New Zealand

  1. I love the pictures!! I´m jealous, like always!! Enjoy my friend! ;o)

  2. Nieneke on 24/12/2010 at 15:39 said:

    Hi Sander

    great pictures (although, I’m not really fond of that big spider!). All that sun, it’s so different from what the weather is like here in Holland. Lots and lots of snow here; a white Christmas! I can imagine that it is kind of weird to celebrate Christmas in a hot climate, but also a new, ‘cool’ experience. Hope you can do some nice things these days.

    And a bit of home-sickness is not that bad; it lets you realise what good things we have in our small country.

    Have a nice Christmas en lots of fun the last weeks in Australia!

    Bye, Nieneke

  3. liene on 26/12/2010 at 19:26 said:

    Hee Sander,

    beetje laat, maar nog een hele fijne kerst gewenst en alvast een spetterend nieuwjaar aan de andere kant van de wereld!
    Alles goed verder? Tot in 2011 @ the movies 😉

    Vele groetjes van Liene!

  4. Leo on 27/12/2010 at 09:32 said:

    Very nice pictures indeed, Sander, good to see you are really enjoying your freedom there, take your time in doing so! You will see, as soon as you’ve returned home, in no time all kinds of nasty duties are competitively demanding your attention again! So enjoy now with all your vivid fibers!
    Have a safe en gentle flight back to Sydney, guys!

  5. Thijs on 27/12/2010 at 15:12 said:

    Hi Mates,

    Nice to read some news again on the site, great you guys have seen all the highlights and enjoyed the crazy sports and activities they offer over there! Also did some flyfishing? I really enjoyed that when I was there, I fished the Tongariro, great river!

    As Leo already said, enjoy it to the fullest, once back you will miss the freedom and possibilities! But then again I don’t doubt you will… Already planned a crazy night for newyears eve? All the best, and I’ll see you soon!


  6. maaike on 29/12/2010 at 00:59 said:

    Hoi Sander en Tim,

    Wat een schitterende foto’s heb je weer gemaakt, Sander! En wat hebben jullie weer veel gezien en gedaan!
    Misschien inderdaad een beetje vreemd om Kerst en Oud en Nieuw te beleven in de stralende zon, en een witte Kerst hééft natuurlijk ook wel iets, maar ik ben toch wel jaloers op jullie als ik weer met mijn laarsjes in de smeltende, opspattende sneeuwblubber rondstap…..

    Wij wensen jullie voor 2011 alleen maar nóg mooiere ervaringen toe en hopen dat 2010 voor altijd in jullie hoofd en hart gegrift staat als een heel bijzonder jaar waarin jullie alles gedaan hebben dat je had willen doen!

    Heel veel groeten van Maaike en Puck.

  7. Lia on 30/12/2010 at 21:33 said:

    Hoi Sander en Tim,

    Prachtig en indrukwekkend al die impressies waar we van mee mogen genieten. Wat hebben jullie een berg ervaringen opgedaan en doen jullie nogsteeds! Ik wens jullie een fijne jaarwisseling met mooi vuurwerk en alvast de allerbeste wensen voor 2011, dat het een mooi jaar voor jullie mag worden in verlerlei opzichten!


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