Sydney, Australia! After 37 days we are back where we started, but this time with a really great experience in our mind. After a delay of almost 2 hours in Auckland, we arrived in Sydney airport around 12.00 yesterday. After boarding our flight with Quantas, one of the two engines of the plane wouldn’t start, so we had to wait until the aviation technicians and security did their jobs and fixed it. Especially because there are more problems with Quantas planes lately, this was not a very pleasant moment for us, but luckily there was really good onboard entertainment and my first movie was almost ended when we departed.

Now we are back in Sydney again we can relax a bit and reflect on our time in New Zealand, because we stay in a hostel the next 5 days and already saw all the highlights of the city. In the last week on the northern island we explored Wellington, did some rafting in Rotorua and drove all the way up highway 1 to the most northern end of the road. Along the way we also did some fishing, celebrated christmas with our own little dashboard christmastree and sled down huge sanddunes. Some final pictures of these activities will probably be seen here soon.

The last 5 weeks have been incredible and a series of constantly changing environments and impressions. From many extreme activities to many viewpoints on beautiful scenery. And the big hero in this story is our car; In total we drove 6750 km in our car, slept in it for 33 nights, drove the most bending and unpaved roads, killed almost 999 mosquitoes and sandflies and celebrated christmas inside. Although our green and purple Toyota Estima was not the most beautiful, cheap and economical car (1 liter of petrol was only good for 8 kilometers of fun), he did the job!

So now we start a new and final episode; Australia! The next 25 days we will discover this huge country according to the following schedule:

3 Thoughts on “Sydney again!

  1. Jeroen on 29/12/2010 at 13:37 said:

    What a great trip so far. I’m still reading all your blogs and I’m still wondering what is coming next. Have a great time back in Australia.

    Greetz Jeroen

  2. Nieneke on 30/12/2010 at 14:58 said:

    Hi Sander

    sounds great, all the adventures you had!
    Just saw on the news about big floods in Australia, in the region of Queensland. If I look at the map, you’re not travelling that area, so hopefully you will stay safe and sound. Again, some parallels with India where we also ‘escaped’ the water 馃槈
    Have a great new years eve!

    Bye, Nieneke

  3. maaike on 31/12/2010 at 12:42 said:

    Hoi Sander,

    Zojuist op het journaal gezien dat jullie in Sydney vanmiddag om 14.00 uur onze tijd het nieuwe jaar ingaan. Rondom de haven maakt iedereen zich op voor een geweldige nieuwjaarsviering met veel vuurwerk. Ik vermoed dat jullie daarbij zullen zijn en wens jullie een onvergetelijke nieuwjaarsnacht aan de andere kant van de wereld!
    Happy New Year!
    Groetjes, Puck en Maaike

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