An important link between the green fingers that penetrate Eindhoven is the river de Dommel. This river is very important for connecting the different green-zones and other green in the city. To give people more knowledge of this beautiful and important river, there will be build a canoe-pavilion just outside the city. Here people can hop on or off a canoe before or after sailing the river. The pavilion is provided by a small restaurant where people can have a snack on busy days.

The design

The pavilion will be a place where people change their way from an active, moving experience on the river to a more static, passive experience of the landscape. This change in experience between these two worlds will take place inside the pavilion. The pavilion will literally be the connection between the river and the land.

The roof of the pavilion will work as one element to connect river and land, each with their own way of connecting to the roof-element. On both sides the connecting elements (the columns) will be accentuated with light by let them stand loose from the roof-element. In this way a light effect is created that dramatizes the connecting objects, underlining the concept of the building.

The materials of the pavilion are very important, they also represent the difference between land (stone) and water (wood). The elements on the land side are placed in a special way to give the user of the pavilion a different look on the environment.

Because the pavilion as a whole functions as a connective element, the shape of the roof will also be present in the shape of the floor, the footprint of the building. The non-rectangular shape of the roof accentuates the changing perspective of the landscape. Also here the materialisation is very important to underline the concept, using both stone, concrete and metal flooring.