Generative design


Designing a building can be done in many different ways and is often a combination of different methods. One of these methods is using computer software as interactive design addition. In this way it is possible to take important main points and let the computer design the most optimal situation. The design always suites the parameters given in each different case, like ideal transport routes, climatological conditions or shapes.

The best part of this method is that before you start, you have no idea with what design you will have in the end of the process. Therefore the result is always a design that follows from the given parameters. This is a common thing that happens everywhere around us in nature. All organisms are the result of certain parameters given in the environment where the organism evaluated.

The design

With my script I started with the shortest most efficient path between 3 points. I combined this principle with an array of multiple points, creating a wall of hexagons. By playing with all the variables the structure of the cells can be influenced in a way that an interesting structure is created. With these constructional elements, buildings can be build, like in this project a tunnel made of bend wall elements.