The Clock-building


The clock-building, located on Strijp-S in the city of Eindhoven, has to be redeveloped. For giving the building a new function in it’s urban context (a former industrial area of Philips), it will become a home for artists in residence. The space that will be used for this project is a big rectangular room made of glass, situated on top of an eight story building.

The result has to be a pleasant, spacious and inspiring place where three artists or thinkers can spend two weeks working, living and exposing.

The design

The most beautiful about the space which has to be redeveloped is the enormous amount of light and emptiness, created by the surrounding translucent glass bricks. The new design keeps that spacious feeling by avoiding placing objects like ceilings or walls in the open space. That is why the living-area of the artists is partly placed outside the glass rectangle, so the quality of the beautiful space is preserved. Also in that way the temporarily inhabitants of the building (the artists) have a place of their own to retreat when necessary.

To preserve the privacy of the inhabitants in relation to the possible visitors, there is a clear separation between public and private. After entering the visitor can experience the special open space from the exhibition-area, even as the working-area, living-area and recreation-area of the artists.