2009 – USA

I believe it was an early spring day when I was drinking beer with Tim in de Zwarte Doos. We were philosophizing about things we dreamed about and what was possible in life. That was when I told him that I always wanted to drive Route 66, from LA to Chicago, and than on to the Eastcoast, stopping by at every highlight I can imagine. Unlike most other people, that would have told me we all dream about these things and that it is not realistic to undertake such an adventure as a student, Tim responded as the true adventurer I knew he was. While drinking more and more beer, we started planning our trip next hours and convinced Thomas that we needed his sarcasm on our way through the USA.

Tim, Thomas and I started our roadtrip trough the USA, from Westcoast (San Francisco) to Eastcoast (New York), in the summer of 2009. In just five weeks we tried to visit all the significant places we could imagine, from Las Vegas to the statue of Liberty and from driving Route 66 to surreal National Parks. On our trip we saw more than I could ever predict, spending thousands of Dollars and driving more than 8989 kilometer (5585,7 miles). The story of this crazy roadtrip can be found on an external website that we created especially for our adventure;

Roadtrip USA 2009 (dutch)